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High Converting Electrician Website Design Services

There are over 200,000 electrician businesses in the United States alone. That’s over 200,000 businesses that you may be potentially competing with. And most of them will undoubtedly be trying to reach their customers with their own business website as much as they are through local word of mouth. Digital marketing these days is practically a requirement to maximize and grow your business.

Crafting the perfect website might not be one of your expertise, and that’s okay. You’re busy doing what you do best as an electrical contractor. When it comes to building electrician websites and landing page design, you can count on AffordableContractorWebsites to ensure that you not only have a powerful, engaging marketing tool, but a website that is bound to impress all who visit it.

The best website you can have will need a balance in both aesthetic appeal, practicality, and proper marketing strategy. This is the kind of web design that AffordableContractorWebsites does. Read on and see web design the way we do and how it can make your business into an online powerhouse!

Electrician Websites That Convert

When you have AffordableContractorWebsites building or doing a website redesign on your electrical contractor website, you’re taking your first steps into internet marketing. It’s the first steps to your business’s ecommerce development and the key to reaching more customers beyond just word of mouth and traditional advertising. It’s like having a store front with a big sign with your business name on it, and maybe a few smaller signs on the window advertising what you offer—but even more.

Your website will be your way of informing the visitor about your business, but it must also work as its own call to action, turning those visitors into actual customers.

The Visual Design: Aesthetics is for the Heart… of the Customers

When you think of company websites and web design, your first thoughts might be about how they may have to look fancy, with a lot of special moving parts and maybe some video production thrown. And then there’s the need for logo designs if you don’t have one already. And while these are true for a lot of them, there’s a lot more that goes on behind that fancy look that makes a contractor website not just attractive, but also able to convert visitors to sales.

The aesthetics of your website involve several factors, and they are all equally important in bringing in new business for your electrical website.

Ease of Navigation

With all the possibilities that come with having a website, it’s easy to want to tell visitors all about what your company and your electrical contractors can do for them. But nobody likes a cluttered website. In fact, it can turn visitors away because they may see a cluttered website as too confusing, or just unprofessional.

Past the fancy moving menus and sliding image panes, there’s an effective means of navigating a website. Pretty images can only do so much if it does not look presentable and is hard to find your way around. The first thing a customer is looking for is: Does your business have the right services for the job? How easy is it for them to find that answer?

And there is the big question to ask yourself: How easy is it? Once you have an easy to navigate website, you can then focus on dressing the website up to look even better. Don’t let the customers get stressed from the start because they can’t find the right menu. The menus must be easy to find, and they themselves must be easy to navigate. Search bars on the sites themselves can also help. Think of it this way: speed and time is of the essence. If you’re customer is able to quickly get their answers (such as what can you help them with, regarding their electrical problems) then they’ll be more likely to fill out that contact form and request a quote. The longer it takes, the more stressed a visitor gets, and they might just leave the site to look elsewhere.

Direct Customer Engagement: The Contact Form

When you have visitors on your site, the next thing you want them to be able to find quickly is your means of contact. Having a contact form that’s easy to find acts as both a call to action as well as lends visitors a means to bring themselves closer to becoming customers. A motivated visitor becomes a good customer. And when they get into contact with a real person, it becomes easier to motivate the visitor to become a sale. And they’re already motivated, so you’ve won half the battle.

The Tried-and-True Customer Testimonials

Another form of engagement will be to have an easy to spot customer testimonials section. Nothing engenders trust in a visitor like knowing that customers before him/her were highly satisfied with your electrical services. Having these in a place on your website for customers to quickly find can help assure visitors that they’ve come to the right place.

Websites Mobile-Friendliness

More and more people are using mobile devices these days. Some even use them more than they use traditional PC computers and laptops. Because of that, it is important to ensure that your electrical websites are mobile-friendly. When websites are not, it can look incredibly jumbled. Images might be missing or incomplete when viewed on a mobile device. Text might also go missing or look incredibly misplaced. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it can turn customers away from your business. Our web designers always make sure that your website is mobile-friendly for your potential customers.

Website Design Through Marketable Content

At AffordableContractorWebsites, we specialize in giving you the best electrician websites designed to reach the most customers possible. But there is a process to getting there that we’ve worked hard on getting. When people search for electrical contractors, like on Google or Bing, there is a process that goes into how search engines determine what shows up on that very first page… and what doesn’t.

In order to reach the customers that you want to reach, and the customers who are actively searching for your business online, AffordableContractorWebsites has web developers with the certifications and specialties to ensure that your electrician website will be designed to hit those high-ranking search results on the world’s top search engines.

Being a First-Page Ranking Star: Search Engine Optimization

Search engines use certain criteria and algorithms in order to determine who shows up on a search result’s first page. It is this first page that most potential customers trust to have the best and most reliable sources of information for what they’re looking for. This also goes for contractors and their electrician company’s websites. If you don’t appear on the first page, your chances of getting your contractor website visited drops significantly. This is why there’s SEO (search engine optimization).

At AffordableContractorWebsites, we have web designers who are Google AdWords Qualified, Microsoft BingAds accredited, and Google Analytics Qualified. It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of SEO. By ensuring that your site uses proper SEO strategies, our web designers can turn a website or landing page into a search engine superstar. With over 4000 first-page rankings generated by 325 websites that we’ve built, you can trust us to continue our tradition of excellence with your website.

One great example of how SEO works: when Spring or Summer comes around, maybe you’ll want to do an SEO audit and check on the quality of your SEO for the season. You may have customers who are looking for services such as pest control or protection against fire hazards related to electrical, and you may want to have your website redesigned with the right SEO so that your business will home in on potential leads looking for those services. Our web designers would research on relevant keywords and phrases, such as “fire protection” and use these keywords and phrases to turn search engines to your favor. With your website appearing more on first-page results, more visitors will flock to your website for their electrical solutions.

Lead Generation

With your website optimized for search, you’ll start getting potential leads as people start visiting your site. While you could go the route of hiring a third-party lead generator, it’s annoying when you get huge lists of bad leads and only a few valid ones. That’s why AffordableContractorWebsites works hard to ensure that your website’s SEO is on point and lands you those crucial first-page rankings. When you’re on the first-page of a search result list, customers are going to be motivated to come to your website for answers to their problems. That’s organic lead generation right there, and you’re getting the best kinds of leads: the people that actively want your service.

But should you decide that you need further lead generation, you can also check out our lead generation services. When it’s with us, you pay only for leads that turn out to be 100% valid, that way you only pay for what you actually get out of the service, and not have to worry about wasting money on poor or bad leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Turn Those Website Visitors into Sales

Now that you have visitors coming to your website, you’ll need to turn those visitors into customers. A lot of the visual-based elements mentioned earlier help directly with this, such as contact forms. But there is more that can be done.

With AffordableContractorWebsites, we design websites to convey authority and expertise in electrical contractor work. With our professional and engaging visual and content design, visitors will be given the sense and security that your electrical company is one to trust.

It’s no surprise that emotions are a key part to a customer’s decision making. It’s why there’s so much importance in balancing out the visual aesthetic of the webpage along with the written content within. Much like the SEO example earlier—when it comes the time for customers to have some pest control done, or to have their homes checked for electrical fire hazards, the right kind of SEO and content can urge a visitor and turn him or her into a motivated customer.

Why Have Us Design Your Electrician Website?

You can count on AffordableContractorWebsites to do the job right and more when it comes to making your website appealing to the eye and a superstar at reaching more better leads. We offer free quotes on what our websites cost and SEO pricing. We’ve had many contractors find first-page ranking success, and your electrical business will find the same.

Our web designers are Google AdWords Qualified professionals, Accredited Microsoft BingAds professionals, and Google Analytics qualified. Not only will they make your website’s design and layout effective, but you can count on their SEO strategies to remain solid even beyond Google’s constant algorithm changes.

It can seem challenging to take on the competition, but it doesn’t have to be. With AffordableContractorWebsites, your website and landing pages will reach the searchers first and turn them into eager customers. You can focus on what you do best, and let us handle making your website the best above the rest.

Are you an electrician and need to get found online? Are you tired of the traffic on your site not converting to actual calls or sales? Most electricians don’t know but a website redesign or electrician website design can drastically increase the ROI of all marketing efforts. If you’re spending money to drive visitors to your website and your site doesn’t convert then you’re wasting money.

Affordable Electrician Websites Designed At Affordable Prices

Let us design a highly optimized electrician website that will get your phone ringing off the hook. We’ve built over 200 electrician websites alone so we know what it takes to get your phone to ring.

The best electrician website designs that convert into actual customers!

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